I am Philipp.

I am an entrepreneur, coach and agtech maker

Where do I start? I am not a good writer, usually I just draw and everybody gets it. But a few words about myself.

My specialty is the creation of Minimum Viable Products. With a passion for integrative product development processes and methods, I am playfully bringing a wide variety of experts to collaborate on value-creating product concepts and tangible prototypes. If you’re looking for sophisticated idea management and elegant idea validation strategies, then I can help. With an interdisciplinary background in technology, design and economics, I have an in-depth understanding of the changing paradigms of digitization. With a good pinch of visual talent, a touch of UX competence and a keen eye for markets and user needs, rapid results can be designed.

I love bringing people together, making strategies visible, building prototypes – I’m the guy for everything visual.

In the mist of eroded soil from big farming tractors plowing through our fields. I am building up an incubator for sustainable agriculture.

HelloSolution is an incubator and seed investor organization based in Allgäu focusing on sustainable agriculture methodologies. Together with my colleague Ingmar I am building up this organization from scratch. It’s quite an intense ride. Come and join us.

Transformation is versatile. Journey 2 Creation brings together human and business like no other group of coaches I have seen. I am a consulting partner at J2C

Journey 2 Creation is an Innovation Agency and Consultancy based in Berlin. Through entrepreneurship and with a keen focus on the human potential, they strive to evolve organizations from the inside out. 6 Years ago I helped create J2C with passion, design thinking and my way of building self-sustaining business systems. Now I consult from the outside while feeling still connected.

I am investing and supporting agriculture innovations and startups. I am interested about insights on soil and biodiversity. I consult on business transformation. And I am keen on connecting about weird maker projects…

Let’s talk. Hit me up on LinkedIn