I make stuff – I call them lovely side-projects

Next to my professional commitments I do other stuff. This is a random collection of those manifestations. Some of them also tell a story about me.

I bought an old tandem bike. I fixed it, rode it, enjoyed it, but most of the time it was sitting in my basement. So I created a website for my neighborhood and other people to rent it from me.

This was an extraordinary year for all of us. For me a lot happened and with this video I tried to capture the magnitude of it for myself.

The LaFutura 2020 in Copenhagen was a great inspiration for me. In order to spread the knowledge and inspiration into the world I created a visual documentation of all the talks and inputs. Enjoy and spread the word.

I ride a Triumph Bonneville T100 and I can say: I love to be on the road with it. It helps me think. Looking back at all of those rides some of them start to fade away. So I created a system do properly und easily document them.

We have to be physically distant now. But we can still play cards together. For the COVID-19 lockdown phase in Europe I created this DIY template for others to copy and paste.

There is this one tabletop game that really got me. Unfortunately it only exist as a big wooden version that is unsuitable for travel. No problem for my new 3D printing skills. Well, let’s say I learned a lot.

Think about your last New Year’s resolution? Think about how hard it was to stick to your goals. It takes commitment and repetition to integrate new behaviors in your all day life. That’s also the case if you want to live more sustainable. One of my favorite projects of 2020 was Nachhaltigkeitspraktiker, where I created a simple peer group program you change your all day life behavior to become more sustainable.

Think about your death! Think about how your loved once say goodbye. Do you want a big party? Where do you want to be buried? And how? These are essential questions that we should all ask ourself. But first we need to break the stigma and the knowledge gap around this topic. Together with a funeral company I created this website that is purely about helping you make a choice. No strings attached. Pure information, a philosophical blog and a tool to document your wishes for the people around you.

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