15 years ago I started moving pixels on photoshop 7 

As a teenager I started playing around with Dreamweaver and Photoshop, which then became a small profession. Later I enjoyed taping my first GoPro to the dad’s motorcycle and other things. Also during my studies of media management at the Hochschule RheinMain I stumbled upon some projects. Take a look into my awkward past.

Appoholic was an app-idea crowdsourcing platform/blog
CATCH was a project with RadioEins RBB and the D-School Potsdam (more info)
Utu is an app concept for spontaneous weekend traveler
1 Bike from Philipp Burckhardt on Vimeo.
Travel-Blog (dribbdebach.tumblr.com) for 3 month world trip featuring pixoona’s embedding tool.
Co-founder of college radio station „ECHT – Dein Hochschulradio“, creation of corporate identity (Logo, Website, Businesscards, Styleguide)
Promotional video showing possible present and future use-case scenarios for the pixoona app.
A student created TV-magazine.
From Germany to Wisconsin River Falls from Philipp Burckhardt on Vimeo.
Flyers design for the youth participation initiative face2face.
University-paper covering hybrid games. Use-Case for the game Settlers of Catan.
Timmelsjoch 2013 from Philipp Burckhardt on Vimeo.
Logo-design and various flyers and print-material for youth participation initiative face2face.
Logo for the Alumni-Day of the “Stiftung Polytechnische Gesellschaft“.
Various illustrations and articles for Frankfurter Neuer Presse including a map of Frankfurt Sachsenhausen(download), Layout and strong participation on two special youth issues
Concept for high quality digital news platform for a young and educated target audience. Preview on Vimeo
Promotional videos for the University RheinMain introducing the different categories of an annual award show
New Year Sandboarding from Philipp Burckhardt on Vimeo.
Diving Koh Tao from Philipp Burckhardt was created during a longer vacation
6 things you might experience during an iceland golden circle bus tour from Philipp Burckhardt on Vimeo.
Conception of a innovative and competitive snack product including package design and product positioning analysis
Logo Design for I Am Digital Blog.

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Photo series, illustrations, logo-design and consulting for the neighborhood magazine Oberrad
Art-project in Frankfurt. A sketchbook is handed from person to person creating a unique art piece, followed by an exhibition. More information at kunstbuch.net and on Flickr
Logo-design for the gynaecologist office Dr. Cornelia Guthier
Photoshooting for the “Stadtteilbotschafter” scholarship holder creating a 1,5m panoramic print
Corporate Identity for a fictional advertising agency as part of a university project
Logo Design for Junited States Lifestyle-Blog
Logo and Flyer design for nutrition expert Bärbel Praetorius
Notebook cover-design
Retouching the family coat of arms.
Logo- and business card design for Iris Bawidamann (coach)
360° photography of Frankfurt panoramic spots in cooperation with Christopher Scholz.
Teaching young students the art and techniques of photography over the periode of 2 school years
Posterdesign in Illustrator.
Poster design to promote the university RheinMain
Webdesign and Logo-Upadete for wir21-Initative.
Managing editor of the school newspaper „Veto“, creating 3 interesting issues. Work ragend from photography, writing, layout to financing and organisation. Reading extract upon request
Tshirt-design for the 2010 higschool graduation class (Schillerschule Frankfurt)
Design of a one-dollar-promotion-sticker fort the band “The Green River Burial“
Independent creation of a Frankfurt logo